Sunnydale High Escorts the Stay-Alives Through Wild West

So our Sunnydale High show in Casper got cancelled. It was a total bummer, but unfortunately there was nothing we could do about the situation. We will revisit!

The good news is that we are playing two nights back-to-back with our good friends the Stay-Alives from Chicago pretty soon. Check us out in Laramie on July 7 at 8 Bytes and in Denver on July 8 at Streets of London.

The Stay-Alives are a sweet punk rock band with driving songs.  They are the definitive soundtrack to your skinned up skateboarding knees.

A couple of weeks after that we are playing with In The Whale again July 27. We haven’t played with them since Battle of Old Wyoming in 2016. As most people know, they are a super rad two-piece power rock band from Fort Collins who are blowing up all over. It’s great to have the opportunity to play with them again.

Speaking of playing with rad two-piece power rock bands…Our good friends of Mugen Hoso are coming back to the United States. We will be playing with them again as well later in August. This time, they are filming their tour for a documentary. They have a cool Indiegogo campaign going right now so they can really make it shine, help a few crazy Japanese dudes out.

Don’t forget to give us a listen.

Check out a few rad videos…

8bytes Cafe Flyer

Denver Streets of London Concert Flyer

Sunnydale High Gets to Rock Casper

Sunnydale High is stoked to play at Sonic Rainbow in Casper this Saturday,  June 3. We will be playing with the super awesome Speed The Pilgrim. This should be a blast. Speed the Pilgrim plays delightful spacey alt-country that could easily be the soundtrack to any hot summer Wyoming day.

SDH CDs and our new shirts for sale. The shirts have been going fast. We haven’t decided if we will do another run of this particular batch, so be sure to grab one while you can.

We also have a Denver show coming up July 8 with the Stay Alives. We will be sure to update info pretty soon.



WhedonCon Panel to Feature Two Sunnydale High Band Members

In case you haven’t heard, two Sunnydale High members will be doing a panel on songwriting inspired by television shows at this year’s WhedonCon in Los Angeles!

Seneca and Will Plumb will be speaking about different approaches to take when writing songs inspired by pop culture. Will Plumb has also written several songs inspired by the Preacher comic book series as well as had a hand in influencing the Sunnydale High sound. Plumb has spent time performing with Sunnydale High at Denver Comic Con and taken part of Pop Culture in the Classroom panels there.

WhedonCon is charity convention that features a ton of creative folk involved with or inspired by Joss Whedon projects.

The man who helped inspire the song SlaySorrow, Mr. Nicholas Brendon, will be there this year.

A few of the rad writers from the Buffy will also be there. Miracle Laurie who is best known for playing Mellie on the Whedon show Dollhouse will also be there this year.  Super stoked.

Check us out May 20, 2017 at the Warner Center Marriott in Los Angeles.

Click here for more info!

WhedonCon Saturday

Sunnydale High Shirts Are Sweet!

Sunnydale High Shirt

So the new Sunnydale High shirts are pretty sweet. Also, if you want one, they will be available at our CD Release Shows in Laramie and Cheyenne.  After that, we will sell them online.

The shirts came about after we did a cover shoot for the E.P. During the shoot, we had a slew of of weapons for the taking. Jamy grabbed the cover art and some rad photos. Basically if we use a photo, she probably did it.

As we were leaving, Fran snagged a shot of Will and Jamy exiting the hallways. The mood could not have been more perfectly captured. So Fran’s awesome art now lives on via comfortable cotton, as well as our website header.

FranSunnydale Keyboardist/T-shirt concept artist extraordinaire.


Sunnydale High Liner Art Poster Is Pretty Fantastic

Sunnydale High Liner Art Poster Original by Chad Blakely
Chad Blakely

Sunnydale High’s main man Chad Blakely outdid himself this time with this amazing poster. We asked him to create an original drawing that would perfectly encapsulate the Sunnydale High spirit Basically, us against the world DIY style.

The lyric version of the 11 x17 poster will join the CD as part of the CD package. The digital version is available through the Bandcamp download link .

Chad is a Wyoming comic book artist who has done some real cool stuff including both our Denver Comic Con performance posters. Check out his Facebook page here and let him know how cool it is or have him do your next sweet poster.

Sunnydale High’s ‘Teenage Necromance’ is Alive

Sunnydale High’s new ‘Teenage Necromance’ is streaming now at most major digital outlets. So try before you buy 🙂

You can purchase your copy through our Bandcamp page. It’s only five bucks and comes with sweet digital art.

Please give us a follow on Spotify. We are trying to get the number of our followers up there. You can be our heroes.

Keep in mind the physical copy will be available through Bandcamp and at our CD release show coming up. See you there.

Sunnydale High Premiere’s Second Video ‘Doorways and Passages’

Ok, Sunnydale High finally got the video for “Doorways and Passages.” It was recorded at the Surfside 7 in Fort Collins by the ever talented Mike Trujillo. Special thanks to the Surfside for letting us use the rad spot.

The song is essentially about going to parties and transforming into other people. But the next day, we are back to our normal selves kind of pretending nothing happened. Buffy fans may remember the Halloween episode that had Ethan Rayne performing the ritual of Janus.

You can also head over to Bandcamp and pre-order the E.P. We are doing a hard copy release! So check that out.

That night was especially fun because we were rocking out with Men of Letters and Soviet Mothers. Special shout out to Rab aka the Ananda Agency for letting us party with them.

Our CD release show is at the 8 Bytes Cafe on May 6. The Laramie date falls on Comic Book Day, so that is pretty rad. There is a costume contest, a Deadpool pancake eating contest and a raffle of the Buffy board game. Too cool. For those who don’t know, 8 Bytes is an arcade,/comic book store/bar/restaurant/venue.


Sunnydale High Enters to Ruin Warped Tour Fans’ Day in Denver

So the band decided to give the ol’ Ernie Ball Warped Tour contest a shot.

The basic idea is, people go watch our sweet video for “Welcome to Sunnydale” at the Warped Tour site, and judges will decide if we are cool enough to play the warped tour. I will tell you right now, we are not cool enough. We are nothing but geeks with instruments, but that is exactly why the Warped tour folks should be subjected to Sunnydale High.

Just imagine a bunch of leather clad dudes wanting to tear it up in the pit, but all of a sudden a geeky band singing about a feminist sci-fi show from the ’90s gets on stage and blows them away instead.

So please, let them know the geeks are taking over. Our time is now.

Click here and give our video some love!