Sunnydale High Rocks Laramie and Denver Next This Summer *Thank you for the sweet pics Jamy!

Sunnydale High will be playing Laramie and the Warped Tour in Denver. And so much seems to have happened.

Laramie will happen June 28 with the bands Silence In DecemberChin Up, Kid  and The Beeves. It’s only $5 and the party starts at 8. Check out the event info here.

We are also playing the final Warped Tour at the Denver date. We will be at the Full Sail stage with fellow PunkOff! folks Dryer Fire and Bitter Suns on the Full Sail Stage. One Flew West and Plasma Canvas will be playing with In The Whale on a different larger stage. But honestly, no stage is big enough for all those badasses.

Oh yeah. We made the above video for Slay Sorrow. It stars Khajiit the Kitty.  Press play as you read the rest.

The Punkoff! was a blast. There were some great moments-far too many to even recount. It was a dream to play with the Descendents.  All the bands killed it. Plasma Canvas played the power set of the night. It was pretty intense. Seneca lost his voice thanks to a bad throat illness…somethingitis. Will P. did a great job at cramming eight people into a single vehicle.  Our pal JD of Redbush hung out with us and kept us sane throughout the day. Audrey helped us keep our cools. Courtney kept us humble. Will H. brought the comic relief. Jenny pulled through assisting while Fran was off the radar. The good news is that Fran will be back for our upcoming shows in Laramie and the Warped Tour.

The Mishawaka was such a great venue. Check out Cody aka Sunnyside Production’s blog of the night.  In addition, our great friend Jamy came along and also took killer shots of several of the bands. These are a must check out her gallery. Jamy can somehow always take the perfect shot. Her In the Whale and Plasma Canvas galleries are stellar. Be sure to like her photography page if you haven’t. The crowd was great. Thank you all so much for rocking out and chatting with us afterward. It means everything.

Drummer Will hung out with Losing Lara and Seth from Zero Day Exploits at Denver Comic Con this year. They all took part in a rad panel the Mile High Ballroom.

We’ve also gotten some love from local press. Laramie Live and the Wyoming Tribune Eagle both gave us a shout out.

Oh and in the last month…Two folks are doing grad school classes. One moved. One jet-setted and drank all the water in Flint, MI. Family lives got juggled, new pets cuddled, job reassignments happened, nerding activities happened, Con panel nailed, sadness and happiness balance attempted, multiple interviews in different media, while living in three different cities. Wrote songs. Played shows in other bands. Got our hairs did. All for the love of punk.

There’s no easy way.

<3  Seneca

That night was surreal! Read it and get ready to join us at Vans Warped Tour in Denver!!!

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Hey folks! This is next week right before we go play Vans Warped Tour in Denver on July 1st! Come out for a pre-warped show with Silence in December, Chin Up, Kid, The Beeves, and of course Sunnydale!

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Thank you Spotify for adding our new single "Wasted" from our new LP that drops on 6/22! Check out the single below and…

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RoboMilo From the Future Says Hi

Photo by Jenny Weiss Photography

If you missed Sunnydale High at FoCoMX, here are a few clips from the show of some unreleased material. It was a pretty rad time at New Belgium Brewery. The overall weekend was a blast with a ton of awesome bands throughout Fort Collins. We ran into some of our favorite people at some of our favorite places.

Cheers to Shotgun Shogun, the Surfside, the Artery, 10 Cent Stranger, Chris and Andrew from the Blasting Room, our sound guy Fish, our MC Mike, the hilarious Brandt Tobler. Most of all,  special thanks to the Sunnydale family Scoobies. We couldn’t have done anything without you.

Check out the clips below.

Sunnydale High Gets a Slice of Laramie Fun

Wahoo. Sunnydale High is playing with a concept rockers Zenitram Jr. once more. So let’s all get weird. Then there will be the Shane de Leon Trio.

Thursday, May 3 at 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. at the Ruffed Up Duck.

As JD says “The first time I saw Zenitram was in Laramie, WY. The duo consisted of a man in a dress singing with distorted electric guitar and prerecorded tracks, another guy breakdancing in a pizza costume, and the packed bar laughed nearly non stop at the riotous lyrics and general craziness. Weird Al/Jay Mascis musical memes and early Weenish electro-metal groove songs, with multi media video. Good original stuff.”

Check into the Facebook page below.

Sunnydale High Gets to Slay FOCOMX

Courtesy of FOCOMX

Attention all slayers, Sunnydale High is playing at FOCOMX at the New Belgium Brewing Company. We play 2-3 p.m April 28. So grab your drinks and stakes and get ready to slay. We will be outdoors and enjoying the sun, or clouds, or whatever.

FOCOMX has been around for a few years. This year, there is going to be more than 300 musicians of all types of genres playing and the list is pretty solid.

Check out our artist page here. They are rad organization with rad volunteers. There are soooooo many great bands, that you just can’t go wrong.

Laramie also has our friends Shotgun Shogun who will be rocking on Saturday at the Surfside at 10:30 p.m.

Live from Mevo

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The Laramie band 10¢ Stranger will perform Friday at 5 p.m. at O’Dell Brewing.

Laramie folk hero J Shogren will play Tony’s Rooftop at 8:15 p.m.

Folk Rock Trio Whippoorwill , who were nominated for several Wyoming Country Music Artist awards, are playing Saturday at 8 at Magic Rat Live Music.

it's possible we never get to sing 'fancy' with reba… but we DID get nominated for Wyoming Country Music Awards in the…

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And for a little bit of Laramie band trivia if you made it this far in the post. Paul B. of Shotgun Shogun and Seneca played in two rocking bands together in their lifetime, not including the Misfits cover band. Check out one of the rare remaining songs below.

‘Scoobies Never Say Die’ Buffy Slay Day Tiny Desk Song

So if the Buffy The Vampire Slayer series was an person, she could legally drink today-probably Jameson? But maybe that is Faith…The series was clearly an inspiration to the band as well as fans all over. We decided to record a video to celebrate Buffy Slay Day. “Scoobies Never Say Die” is a minimal acoustic jam rocked out near a Tiny Desk.

The song is dedicated to all the slayers out there fighting their way through their own personal battles. It’s not easy, and it might not get easier for a while. But keep fighting and fight together for strength with numbers. Lyrics are included in the Youtube information if interested. The song is raw and cellphone-licious™.

Below is SMG’s take on the Buffy Slay Day.

Know These Awesome NoCo Bands Rocking Mishawaka by June 9


So it’s no secret we will be playing with one of the coolest legendary punk bands ever on June 9, The Descendents. But these other rad bands we are playing at Mishawaka may actually be an incredible secret. We haven’t had the chance to play with any of these bands yet, but we are totally stoked on it.

First off, no two bands are the same, so the lineup consists of five unique bands tearing it up in totally different ways. Secondly, they are all Front Range based, so there will be great support for each of them there. Thirdly, just listen…

Bitter Suns somehow sound like they are simultaneously playing a giant club and your drunken after party basement show.  Big sounds and big harmonies from a few dudes who are quintessential NoCo. These guys should be playing everywhere.

"Degenerate of the Week" – Bitter Suns ( KCSU On-Campus Session)

With finals approaching, we are all starting to feel like degenerates this week. Check out local band Bitter Suns' On-Campus Series. Links to all videos on Youtube in the comments!

Posted by 90.5 KCSU on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Plasma Canvas is straight in-your-face, blistering rock to get you dancing your until you sweat bullets. They pack driving beats, shredding guitar and empowering vocals to keep you rocking all day.  Context could be the best song played that day by any of the bands.

One Flew West probably have the most fun of any of the bands playing. They at least have the best video out of all of us. Their insanely well crafted songs are sugar saturated goodness that are instant ear worms, and you probably already heard of their name since it is all over the 303 and beyond. See them here before they are selling out arenas.

"Had It All" (Official Video)

Our music video for "Had It All" Written and Directed by the team at Perplexity Pictures with tons of love and help from CAM Records!

Posted by One Flew West on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dryer Fire brings the house torching classics.  They pack working class skate rock songs that could motivate the laziest of bastards and make them poo themselves. One super awesome thing is that they covered Wyoming’s own Lillingtons, so that is worth some love. If only one band gets sponsored by Pabst this year, these guys deserve the honor.

Oh, and Sunnydale High is playing, but you know us. Get tickets here.

Sunnydale High Soon to Slay Mishawaka

In case you needed a reason to see Sunnydale High, why not and come see us at the Mishawaka outside of Fort Collins while we play with the legendary Descendents on June 9! Easy sell, right?

This show will be a rad adventure. We are actually rocking out in a competition to play the Warped Tour. Now that would be cool too. But honestly we are just honored out of minds to play with a punk rock legend that inspired us all.

FYI. We have been in three different cities waiting for winter to break. But we are being called back to slay-and slay we will.

We are so freaking excited to welcome Descendents to the Mish on 6/9, along with our first round of Punk Off winners,…

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Sunnydale High Escorts the Stay-Alives Through Wild West

So our Sunnydale High show in Casper got cancelled. It was a total bummer, but unfortunately there was nothing we could do about the situation. We will revisit!

The good news is that we are playing two nights back-to-back with our good friends the Stay-Alives from Chicago pretty soon. Check us out in Laramie on July 7 at 8 Bytes and in Denver on July 8 at Streets of London.

The Stay-Alives are a sweet punk rock band with driving songs.  They are the definitive soundtrack to your skinned up skateboarding knees.

A couple of weeks after that we are playing with In The Whale again July 27. We haven’t played with them since Battle of Old Wyoming in 2016. As most people know, they are a super rad two-piece power rock band from Fort Collins who are blowing up all over. It’s great to have the opportunity to play with them again.

Speaking of playing with rad two-piece power rock bands…Our good friends of Mugen Hoso are coming back to the United States. We will be playing with them again as well later in August. This time, they are filming their tour for a documentary. They have a cool Indiegogo campaign going right now so they can really make it shine, help a few crazy Japanese dudes out.

Don’t forget to give us a listen.

Check out a few rad videos…

8bytes Cafe Flyer

Denver Streets of London Concert Flyer

Sunnydale High Gets to Rock Casper

Sunnydale High is stoked to play at Sonic Rainbow in Casper this Saturday,  June 3. We will be playing with the super awesome Speed The Pilgrim. This should be a blast. Speed the Pilgrim plays delightful spacey alt-country that could easily be the soundtrack to any hot summer Wyoming day.

SDH CDs and our new shirts for sale. The shirts have been going fast. We haven’t decided if we will do another run of this particular batch, so be sure to grab one while you can.

We also have a Denver show coming up July 8 with the Stay Alives. We will be sure to update info pretty soon.