Sunnydale High Enters to Ruin Warped Tour Fans’ Day in Denver

So the band decided to give the ol’ Ernie Ball Warped Tour contest a shot.

The basic idea is, people go watch our sweet video for “Welcome to Sunnydale” at the Warped Tour site, and judges will decide if we are cool enough to play the warped tour. I will tell you right now, we are not cool enough. We are nothing but geeks with instruments, but that is exactly why the Warped tour folks should be subjected to Sunnydale High.

Just imagine a bunch of leather clad dudes wanting to tear it up in the pit, but all of a sudden a geeky band singing about a feminist sci-fi show from the ’90s gets on stage and blows them away instead.

So please, let them know the geeks are taking over. Our time is now.

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Sunnydale High Releases New Video for ‘Welcome To Sunnydale’

The 20th anniversary of Buffy means a lot to the band Sunnydale High.
So with that in mind the band opted to release our new video for “Welcome to Sunnydale.” It’s a great sneak peak at music to come.

The band is also announcing a pre-sale of the E.P. “Teenage Necromance” that will be dropping ver soon. You can sign up for that here.

The video was made by Brandon, Declan and Ayden Boger-a clan of guys who like to play with action figures and blow things up over at 5-2nd-DIOS.

Sunnydale High Does Impromptu Acoustic/Melodica Set

Sunnydale High with Melodica
Jenny Weiss

We were just going to jump on the Seth McGee benefit show at 8 Bytes during the open-mic portion, but we ended up playing four songs in between bands Friday, March 4.

It was a fun experiment complete with a melodica, a shared mic and borrowed equipment. The set consisted of Come to Me (To Tara, Love Willow), #SlayDepression, Look Amazing (Spike), and Trigger.

The overall night was a great success. Seth ended up raising over $2K to go toward his ridiculous medical bills. Local celebrity and rockstar Seth was not only the man of the hour, but he also played with his new band Morimento featuring Jaisikka N on vocals and guitar.

Wynona, Static Nebulous and the Whiskey Slaps also rocked the house.

The band donated newly designed logo buttons for the show. The text less button design was made in limited run for the event.