Sunnydale High Enters to Ruin Warped Tour Fans’ Day in Denver

So the band decided to give the ol’ Ernie Ball Warped Tour contest a shot.

The basic idea is, people go watch our sweet video for “Welcome to Sunnydale” at the Warped Tour site, and judges will decide if we are cool enough to play the warped tour. I will tell you right now, we are not cool enough. We are nothing but geeks with instruments, but that is exactly why the Warped tour folks should be subjected to Sunnydale High.

Just imagine a bunch of leather clad dudes wanting to tear it up in the pit, but all of a sudden a geeky band singing about a feminist sci-fi show from the ’90s gets on stage and blows them away instead.

So please, let them know the geeks are taking over. Our time is now.

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