WhedonCon Panel to Feature Two Sunnydale High Band Members

In case you haven’t heard, two Sunnydale High members will be doing a panel on songwriting inspired by television shows at this year’s WhedonCon in Los Angeles!

Seneca and Will Plumb will be speaking about different approaches to take when writing songs inspired by pop culture. Will Plumb has also written several songs inspired by the Preacher comic book series as well as had a hand in influencing the Sunnydale High sound. Plumb has spent time performing with Sunnydale High at Denver Comic Con and taken part of Pop Culture in the Classroom panels there.

WhedonCon is charity convention that features a ton of creative folk involved with or inspired by Joss Whedon projects.

The man who helped inspire the song SlaySorrow, Mr. Nicholas Brendon, will be there this year.

A few of the rad writers from the Buffy will also be there. Miracle Laurie who is best known for playing Mellie on the Whedon show Dollhouse will also be there this year.  Super stoked.

Check us out May 20, 2017 at the Warner Center Marriott in Los Angeles.

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